Medicine for the soul traveling….

When was the    last time you went on a trip, long or short, and returned home feeling overwhelmingly inspired and motivated to create something new in your life?

The first time I experienced a trip like this wasn’t very long ago in terms of all of the traveling I’ve done throughout my life. I traveled every summer growing up for anywhere from a week to three months at a time. My family managed to cover the entire US48 while I was still under the age of 12. Those vacations provided me plenty of quality time with the fam, some great adventures, and many new pen pals. But I wouldn’t describe those excursions as being “medicine for the soul.”

My first trip to Europe a little over a decade ago proved at the time to be the most inspiring travel experience I’d had up to that point. It was a whirlwind trip covering eight Western European countries in less than three weeks, but I was absolutely inspired by the Swiss Alps, the architecture of Vienna, the romance of Paris (I happened to be there for my own wedding, so the romance I experienced in Paris was supercharged!), the slow villas along the Rhine, and the whimsy of Amsterdam. I made more new discoveries and saw more cultural diversity than I ever had, and it was an amazing experience that I would repeat tenfold. But thinking back on it now, while that vacation was very, very good for my soul, I still don’t think I would describe it as being “medicine for the soul.”

It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I went on a trip like this. Seven friends and I piled into a couple of off-road SUV’s and headed for the West Texas desert for only a couple of days. We stayed in rustic lodging, ate fairly simply from what I recall, explored local art galleries, and enjoyed the serenity. The rural desert has some kind of energy that can’t be described, but I felt it on that trip. I came home with renewed passion for photography, which had always been something I loved. I stopped taking photos for the sake of making art around the time everyone started switching to digital cameras, which was also around the time I became a mother. So that trip to me was pivotal because I came back overwhelmingly excited to once again practice my art. That road trip was “medicine for my soul.”

Since then, I found that I began to crave these kinds of getaways. I’ve been back to the desert, and I’ve traveled to places like Southwest Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Vancouver to explore the beauty and drink up some of the medicine that these places offer my soul. In order to find the medicine though, I had to be outside in nature, feeling relaxed and still with my voice. Without nature and relaxation, these pivotal experiences won’t happen. It was just after my last trip to Arizona when I realized I wanted to start a retreat series. I wanted to make sure I was inviting others to participate in these kinds of restorative and awe-inspiring getaways, and I wanted to be able to schedule them for myself on a regular basis. And so last year EE was born. Traveling to the hill country for an Essential Excursion will provide you with the ingredients to drink the medicine your soul needs to come home ready to get your life going the way it’s always been meant to go. You will be surrounded by natural beauty, practice some yoga, be a part of intriguing conversation, eat healthy meals, and be given a handmade journal to keep for yourself.

The $100 discount and price of $250 for the entire weekend ends on Monday night, and the price will return to $350 (which is still a deal!), so do yourself a favor and register soon. I hope to see you at Namaste next month for the health of our souls…