“I attended the first Essential Excursions retreat and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. To start, the Namaste Retreat Center in Boerne is truly serene, a lovely, large house on a wooded lot with a creek in back (along with a hot tub, swimming pool, deck and lots of relaxing places to be outdoors). I felt right at home as soon as I arrived. The retreat itself provided exactly the kind of reflection time that I needed. Andrea posed thought-provoking questions and offered insightful observations about some of the big issues we all grapple with in our day-to-day living: creating balance, fostering creativity, simplification, finding meaning, and slowing down, to name a few. There was a good balance between group sessions and individual quiet time. And the food was healthy and delicious–home-cooked meals are a treat. We were an intimate group and I felt like I clicked with the others–it made me comfortable opening up and sharing, and I walked away with a renewed commitment to my creative self, making time for what’s important, and good self-care. I’m eager to attend the next retreat and spend quality time with myself and other like-minded souls. ” ~Leah S.


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